Windows Phone 7 - Mango Update (Video)

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Microsoft just announced details on the Mango update for Windows Phone 7. Most of them are little features like multitasking, better browser, and contact integration with social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Microsoft said there are "500 new features" in Mango.


The battle is in apps, not "people-centric" features.


One thing that stands out most to us TEK.GADGers is that they continue to push their "people-centric rather than app-centric" philosophy on us. There are two ways to interpret their message, and both ways are valid. One way is that their app catalogue is lacking, so they choose to avoid the issue and turn the highlight on some other feature.

The other way is that they actually believe that philosophy. In that case, Microsoft is destined to fail again in the mobile market. OS features are pretty easy to copy. Just look at the Windows Phone 7 Music Player for Android. It looks and feels identical to the real thing, except that it is on Android. Does Microsoft really think they can win people over with simple OS features? They really shouldn't. Other players, like Google and Apple, are always one OS update from catching up or leapfrogging Windows Phone 7. The battle is in the apps, not "people-centric" features.

Let's look at the top 10 paid apps on iOS, and see what kinds of apps are popular.

  1. Infinity Blade Game
  2. Casey's Contraptions Game
  3. Angry Birds Rio HD  Game
  4. Where's Waldo HD Game
  5. Phoster  Photography
  6. Garageband Music
  7. Angry Birds HD Game
  8. Pages Productivity
  9. Fruit Ninja HD  Game
  10. Angry Birds Seasons Game 

Yep, they are mostly games. People don't care about people anymore. It's all about flinging birds or cutting stuff up with your fingers. The name 'smartphone' is actually a bit misleading, because the 'phone' feature is the least utilized feature in smartphones. People just want to be entertained when they have some downtime on the go. Windows Phone 7 does have Xbox Live, but it has no killer games yet. Angry Birds has been delayed, once again, for Windows Phone 7… And this is really sad, because Angry Birds is on everything now, including Google Chrome Webstore!

We love the Windows Phone 7 UI, but that is not enough. In the next update, please show us what you have been doing to improve the app catalogue, instead of showing off your "people-centric" stuff. Really, no one cares.

Check out the hands-on from our nemesis, JOSH TOPOLSKY!


Source: Engadget