Editorial: Apple should sue Korea

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We've known about the iPad 2 light leak issue for a while, but now it is clear who the culprit is. It seems that displays sourced earlier from LG have light leak problems, and displays sourced later from Samsung have no issues. This has been anecdotally proven by users posting comparison pictures of iPads bought at different times. While this is unconfirmed, it seems that the minute Apple realized this problem, they stopped sourcing iPad 2 displays from LG. This is the main reason for a worldwide shortage of iPad 2.


Don't most people in Korea work at Samsung and LG anyway?


The below picture is my own iPad 2, which I bought at the launch. I am guessing I have the one with LG display; It indeed does have light leak issues when I'm looking at dark content on-screen with maximum brightness. Now, the interesting thing here is that I've never noticed this before I heard about the leakage issue. I almost never have my brightness on max, and I seldom look at a black page on my iPad. I use my iPad mostly for reading books, websites, and occasional games. Most of the times, I look at pages with white background on my iPad.


But now that I know about light leakage, I constantly notice it. Even when it's a split second of black on screen, I see the glow around the edges and I am completely taken out of the experience. I am so distracted by it. At times, I almost want to throw my iPad across the room and just smash it into pieces. That may just be repressed childhood issues leaking out. 

But I digress. 

iPad is an amazing product. I hate Apple, but I love my iPad. THAT should say something. However, this light leak issue has completely destroyed my love for the iPad. I find myself going back to the BlackBerry Playbook review unit more and more, which is bad because I was going to send it back next week.

Meanwhile, Apple is suing Samsung for a petty look & feel claims. I do not mean to dismiss both companies' wonderful lawyers, but the lawsuit has no ground. Samsung was merely paying homage to the great Apple design. Apple's iPhone - I hate Apple, but I like their design - has won numerous awards, and has already reached an iconic status in people's minds. Samsung knows that too. All they wanted to do was to try to take the best parts of an icon and try to portray it in their own style. If Samsung really wanted to copy something, they would not have done so in such an obvious way. Samsung idolizes Apple. 

If intellectual property, customer experience, and preserving unique look & feel is so important to Apple, they should be suing LG. My experience with the iPad 2 will forever be remembered as a trauma. All those late nights with lights out, maximizing the brightness to check if leak spots are getting bigger… After I finish this post, I will be hitting the bar to try and erase all of this from my memory.


Now, one thing to note is that LG and Samsung are both Korean companies. Korea has under 50 million people living there, and probably less when CEOs of both companies were younger. You know what this means? There is a HUGE chance that CEOs of both companies are friends. Sure, to the outside it may look like the two companies are battling, but we do not know what goes on in that country. They probably get together every weekend and talk about how they are trying to take over America.


This conversation probably happened, sometime in 2009.

LG CEO: "Hey, do you wanna mess with Apple again? These guys are doing too well."

Samsung CEO: "Of course. What do you have in mind?"

LG CEO: "You guys should totally copy the iPhone 3G design. Apple will go nuts and sue you guys"

Samsung CEO: "And then you should mess with their component since you just got that deal with them, right?"

LG CEO: "Yeah buddy, it will be so awesome. They won't suspect a thing."

Samsung CEO: "Radical!"


Apple should do one patriotic thing for a change - old, conservative people will start buying Macs then. They should sue both companies for conspiring against Apple, the most valuable company in America. Actually, why not just sue Korea? Don't most people in Korea work at Samsung and LG anyway?