Editorial: Don't Buy Android!

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Okay, let’s just get this out of the way in the start. I am madly in love with Android. I like to tinker around with my phone and I like having widgets on my screens. That being said, Android isn’t for everyone. Let me tell you why.
WHO should NOT get an Android phone: Apple fanboys, iPhone users, iOS users, people who don’t give a crap about multitasking and want their iPhone jailbroken.

Simple answer:
Google is evil botnets. Google is steals and mines your data with all their services. They must be stopped at all costs and in order to accomplish such a feat! We have to join forces with Apple and take down Google so only Apple will be left standing.

Complex answer:
  1. Fragmentation: iOS users would laugh so hard at this. Google was so focused into making Android popular (barely) that they allowed phone manufacturers to do whatever the heck they want. Most Android phones nowadays are on Android 2.2. Oh wait.. that’s old software isn’t it? Gingerbread has been out for.. how many months? iOS4 came out and iPhone 3GS users got iOS4 on their phone in a few weeks! It may be the phone manufacturers’ faults for not updating their (buggy and laggy) software but that is no excuse to not blame Google for the whole thing. I tell you, they’re evil! As soon as they make money, they’re happy unlike Apple who is so dedicated to customer service and making people happy for a little extra cash. I will give Google credit for trying to get rid of fragmentation but who knows how long that will take? And what makes Google think that phone manufacturers will keep up their updates with twenty slightly different softwares on their phones? Google should really thank the community developers for at least trying to bring updates faster to us. 
  2. Buggy Software: All people want is FLUIDITY! I’ve tried out browsers on Android phones. Most of them are utter crap save for Galaxy S II and some very high-end smartphones. Who cares about multitasking? I don’t want lag on my phone! I just want to touch buttons and things should work! That’s exactly what iOS and Apple can bring while Android and Google cannot (and of course Blackberries but I will talk about them in another article). My phone has 512MB RAM. iPhone4 has 512MB RAM. I see lag on my browser while running heavy flash and there is absolutely no lag using the browser on the iPhone packed with HTML5. #confused
  3. Battery: Battery life on Android phones is absolutely hilarious. Ranging from less than a day to just over a day with moderate use, battery life on Android is pathetic. The market isn’t demanding for larger screens for more efficient use of the screen; they want a phone that will work like a phone and will not die on them when they need it the most. Blackberries deliver on battery life while still being a smartphone. iPhone is mediocore but certainly not the worst. Android is on par with Windows Phone 7. Android phone users should not have to get a spare battery, or extended battery and try to make the iPhone users jealous that they cannot switch batteries. Because let’s face it, better battery life > lack of replacing the battery.