Up to 5 million Android devices infected with malware

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Symantec recently released a report detailing a new trojan that may have infected up to 5 million Android devices. The trojan, named Android.Counterclank, carries out certain actions like stealing information and slowing down infected devices. Android malware is a serious issue that is increasing at a rate of 1,320% per year.

This is not to say that people should avoid using Android. Just don't put any important personal information on your Android phone. Here are some activities you should refrain from doing on Android devices:

  • Taking nude pictures of self, significant other(s)
  • Mobile banking, shopping
  • Calling the mistress
  • Emailing and texting
  • Entering passwords in to any website

If you must do any of those activities listed above, ditch your Android for iOS or Windows Phone based device. Alternatively, you can install some anti-virus app on your phone, which sounds so anachronistic in the smartphone age that it shouldn't even be considered a reasonable solution.