World smartphone adoption hit 1 billion

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Smartphones may soon dethrone the toothbrush as the most widely owned object in the world.

Global research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics report that the number of smartphones being used worldwide has hit 1 billion. With world population of 7 billion, it's estimated that one in seven people use smartphones. Android and iOS devices account for the majority of people's smartphones, they say.

This time last year, the number of smartphones in use was 708 million. This means it only took a year for 300 million more people (equivalent to the entire population of the US) to upgrade to smartphones. With the rate of adoption accelerating, Strategy Analytics estimate that the number of smartphones will double to two billion within the next three years.

Two billion smartphones means there are huge opportunities for everyone. Smartphone hardware and software makers, such as Google, Apple, and Samsung all have massive profits waiting for them. Smartphone app and platform market will continue to expand as well. Incumbents like Facebook, Twitter, and newcomers like will have to learn to capitalize on these wonderful little connected devices. 

And of course, smartphone case makers are going to collect fat cheques as well.