Acer introduces touch-enabled Aspire S7 series Ultrabooks

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Acer is getting ready for a whole lotta screen-touching with the Aspire S7 Ultrabooks. The Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabooks feature a 13.3 inch or 11.6 inch HD (1920 x 1080) capacitive touchscreens (10 finger detection) with lids made of white Gorilla Glass 2 or Aluminum, allowing for smooth navigation on touchscreens. The displays can tilt back a full 180 degrees, so users can flip the keyboard back and use the Aspire S7 as a tablet. The S7 Ultrabooks come pre-installed with Windows 8, and their touchscreens are a perfect match for the Windows 8 Metro UI.

The Aspire S7 Ultrabooks are extremely thin and light, measuring just .47 inches and 2.29 pounds depending on the model. The S7 Ultrabooks are not only the world's thinnest Ultrabooks, but they are also nearly as thin as some tablets on the market today. They are equipped with the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors with SSD drives, as well as a slot for battery expansion to boost the regular battery life of 6 hours to 12 hours. The Aspire S7 series will be available on October 26 in North America, starting at $1,199 for the 11.6 inch model and $1,399 for the 13.3 inch model.