TEK.GADG's 4G LTE buyer's guide

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Do you have a 4G LTE device? If you answered no, you need one. Badly. No matter what you are doing on the web, a 4G LTE connection will open doors to a whole new experience of not having to wait for anything! If you answered yes… you should buy another one to include in your collection. You can never enough 4G LTE.

If you want to know what you should buy this season, check out our list of blazingly fast 4G LTE devices below.

iPhone 5

The latest update to the iPhone brings snappier performance, long-lasting battery, and, most importantly, 4G LTE capability. The iPhone is still one of the most compelling devices on the market today. You just can't go wrong with it.

From $179.99 on 3 year contract

iPad with 4G LTE

The third generation iPad is the king of tablets, and it is one of our favorite LTE devices. Web browsing and app using experience are tremendously enhanced by 4G LTE. 

From $649 at Apple

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Galaxy S III is a thin and beautiful device, but it packs some serious power under the hood. There's a reason why this is the best selling Android phone at the moment. Oh, and it has 4G LTE!

$159.99 on 3 year contract

Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Note II isn't for everyone, but it's an amazing device once you get over its gigantic size. The updated S-Pen brings even more tablet-like functionalities, and the large display facilitates media consumption. If you can't decide between a tablet and a phone, get the Galaxy Note II. Our Note II review is coming soon.

Pricing and Availably TBA

Sony Xperia ion

The Xperia ion is a sexy device with an amazing 12 megapixel camera. If you are into uploading photos and videos on the go, you'll love the Xperia ion with its 4G connection. 

$99 on 3 year contract

Sierra 4G Air Card

You can connect this little gizmo to any computer via USB and instantly turn it into a 4G device. If you are a mobile computing power user, you'll love the Sierra 4G Air Card.

Free on 3 year contract.

So that's our 4G LTE buying guide. We recommend buying 4G devices at Rogers as they have the most mature and reliable 4G network in Canada. 

That being said, most of our recommended devices are available at other LTE carriers as well. If you find that other carriers have better LTE connection in your area, you can still buy these devices. Now, go buy a 4G device and join the LTE party!