Ubi-Camera: Frame photos with your fingers

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We are living in a time when human-computer interaction is becoming more and more natural. Buttons are being replaced by touch and gesture. Keyboards are (very slowly) being replaced by speech and handwriting. And soon, camera viewfinders may be replaced by your fingers. The Ubi-Camera lets users to compose pictures by framing them with users' hands. The prototype, pictured above, is being developed by a research group at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences.

The camera contains a range sensor, and it determines framing by the distance between the camera and the photographer's face. You get a wide-angle shot by moving your hands closer to your face, and close up shot by moving your hands further away from the face. The lens has a fixed focal length at the moment, so the zooming is digital, but it isn't hard to imagine this concept with a zoom lens on the camera. Check out the Ubi-Camera in video after the break.