Samsung NX200 - mini review

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NX200 is a successor to the NX100, Samsung first foray into the mirrorless camera market. NX200 boasts an improved and stylish design with even more lenses and a new 20.3 megapixel sensor.

NX200 takes very good quality pictures. NX200 makes every pixels count on its high-resolution 20.3 megapixel. It has an APS-C sized sensor, so the picture quality is on par with most DSLRs on the market today. Pictures are crystal sharp zoomed in, so you can crop without losing too much detail. Check out the sample pictures after the break.

NX200 has a 3.0 inch AMOLED screen on the back with VGA resolution that displays its pictures with vibrant colours and good outdoor visibility. Live view is fairly responsive, though I couldn't help but miss having a separate viewfinder that I am used to having on DSLRs. At the moment Samsung does not offer a snap-on EVF.

Menu navigation is done through the scroll wheel beside the screen. It takes some time to get used to, but the scroll-wheel-based navigation becomes a breeze after a while. Samsung also lets users change aperture and shutter speed options on their i-Function lens, though I found myself not going to the on-lens controls.

Overall, NX200 is a very satisfactory camera. It takes really great pictures, and the revamped design is very good. If you want DSLR quality pictures with a compact package, check out the NX200.