iHangy Necklace and Keychain (Video)

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Remember when people had charms on their cellphones? Most feature-phones had lanyard slots and I miss that a little bit. Thankfully, there is a product called iHangy that makes a keychain/necklace out of your Apple devices.

The iHangy hooks into the 30-pin connector on iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. It is made out of stainless metal, so it feels sturdy and secure. The rubber tips - which act as release buttons - work as touchscreen stylus tips as well. Though it feels too short to be a good stylus, this feature can be useful when you don't have your favorite touchscreen stylus on you.

If you have a young kid and you are giving him/her an Apple device, I recommend that you buy an iHangy for your kid so he/she can keep their expensive gadget secure around their neck. Adults will find the keychain more useful. Watch the hands-on video after the break.