Boycott FunnyJunk. Support The Oatmeal.

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We are fans of The Oatmeal, so it pisses us off when another site rips it off AND tries to sue it.

Here's a brief summary of what is going on: has been hosting The Oatmeal comics on its website without permission for years. Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal's creator, complained on his site that FunnyJunk has "practically stolen my entire website and mirrored it on FunnyJunk," and this made the folks at FunnyJunk unhappy. They are accusing Inman of leeching off FunnyJunk's traffic by using their brand on The Oatmeal. FunnyJunk wants a $20,000 check from Inman for his false accusation of willful copyright infringement - otherwise they will pursue legal action against Inman.

Let's get this straight… they steal his comics and now they want his money too. In retaliation, Inman is fundraising $20,000 (over $100,000 donated at the time of writing!), so he can donate that money to charity and give FunnyJunk a big middle finger. Needless to say, we are on The Oatmeal's side. You can go to the source link and read the entire FunnyJunk letter, along with some colorful annotations by Inman. Also, donate to Inman's charity!


Source: The Oatmeal