McDonald's hates wearable computers

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Here's a story about a man who was physically assaulted for wearing a wearable computer system at McDonalds, as if McDonald's needs any more bad PR. Dr. Steve Mann, inventor of the EyeTap wearable computer, was having a nice meal at a McDonald's in Paris with his family when some McDonald's thugs employees approached him and attempted to take away the EyeTap without warning.

The employees could not take away the EyeTap, as it is permanently attached to Dr. Mann's skull, but they did succeed in making Dr. Mann and his family feel violated. Dr. Mann says there have been precedents of McDonald's employees assaulting customers for using cameras inside their restaurants.

Why are McDonald's employees acting like they have something to hide? We've tried to reach McDonald's for comments, but they haven't responded yet.


Source: EyeTap