The Dark Knight Rises (iOS, Android) - review

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Gameloft's The Dark Knight Rises is the official tie-in to Christopher Nolan's Batman flick of the same title. Movie games are generally terrible - with the shining exception of Spider-Man 2 for Xbox and PS2 - but is Gameloft's latest effort any better? Click on to find out.

Gameloft's Batman game loosely follows the plot of the movie, though it often takes creative liberty in the plot and missions to make the game more suitable for a mobile experience. Most of the game revolves around diffusing bombs and saving hostages, but it borrows some key plot elements from the film as well.

Voice work and graphics are some of the best we've seen and heard for mobile games. Voice actors do their best to emulate the characters from the film, and they did a commendable job here. As per usual Gameloft pushes the limits of 3D graphics for mobile. The Dark Knight Rises looks great on smartphones, and even looks passable on the iPad's Retina display. The control scheme is similar to other Gameloft games - left thumb for movement, right thumb for attack, jump, grapple, and weapons.

Combat, grapple, and glide mechanisms in this game are reminiscent of Batman: Arkham City. While grapple and glide work very well, combat feels oversimplified and repetitive in The Dark Knight Rises. Batman has a limited set of moves, and most enemies succumb to easily to Batman's strikes and counters. There are several types of henchmen with different characteristics, but all of them are easy to defeat. Unlike Arkham City, there are no bosses at the end of each level in The Dark Knight Rises.

Vehicles in this game leave much to be desired. The Batpod and The Bat are slower than they should be, and they handle poorly as well. Both vehicles lack momentum and weight. Vehicle models look great, however.






Overall, The Dark Knight Rises is a decent mobile game. It is a bit pricey at $7 (Arkham City is on Steam Sale for $10), but its console-quality look and feel justifies its price. You can download the game now at the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.