Jet Set Radio HD is coming to iOS and Android

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HD reboot of Jet Set Radio is coming to iOS and Android this summer! Sega's Jet Set Radio was a revolutionary game in its time, utilizing cel-shaded graphics and unique art styles rarely seen in games before it. In addition to tablets and smartphones, Jet Set Radio HD will be released for Xbox Arcade, PlayStation Network, Windows PC, and PlayStation Vita before the summer's end.

As a child I was dangerously addicted to Jet Set Radio Future, the sequel to Jet Set Radio. The game was one of the bundled games for the original Xbox, and I found the game completely captivating. I would cruise around in the virtual streets of Tokyo all day long, scouting for places to vandalise and grind on. I often forgot to eat or take showers, and my hands would shake uncontrollably when I stopped playing it.

That being said, I can't wait to play this game again. I am ready to give my soul to Jet Set Radio again.