OUYA secures OnLive partnership, approaches $6 Million on KickStarter

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OUYA announced this morning that they've secured a partnership with OnLive. If you are not familiar with OnLive, think of it as a cloud computing hub that let's you play top-shelf games on any type of hardware. At this moment, flagship games like Batman: Arkham City, Civilization V, and Dead Island are all fully playable on OnLive.

The key point about OnLive is that their servers do all of the heavy lifting. Client hardware only sends controller signals and receives video signals from the OnLive servers. This partnership makes perfect sense for OUYA. It eliminates concerns about the quality of games available for such a low power device. I can't wait to get mine and HACK SOME ZOMBIES ON MY OUYA.

Meanwhile, KickStarter funding for OUYA is approaching $6 million with 12 days left to go. You can still pre-order the OUYA for $99 on KickStarter.


Source: OUYA (KickStarter)