Lumia is more popular than Windows Phone

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The Next Web report that 'Lumia' is generating twice as much search traffic as 'Windows Phone,' suggesting that Nokia's Lumia line-up have become the de facto devices for Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

In comparison, 'Samsung Galaxy' generates only half as much search traffic as 'Android.'

Nokia left their burning platform to try their fate on the Windows Phone platform, and they've seen some success so far. Nokia's Lumia phones received mostly positive reviews from critics and sold relatively well in many markets. It seems that Nokia have managed to sustain their unique brand identity even on someone else's platform.

Does this change the dynamic between Microsoft and Nokia at all? When Nokia was flailing with Symbian, Microsoft came to the rescue with a $2 billion injection that would lock Nokia into only building Windows Phone devices for an unspecified number of years. Now, with the Lumia brand trumping the platform it's on, Nokia may have more leverage when it comes to renewing their partnership with Microsoft. More billions for Nokia?