PSA: You may lose your Internet on Monday...

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… if you have a particular type of malware. The malware is called DNSChanger, and this pesky little program hijacked millions of PCs and capitalized on them by directing infected computers to web advertisements owned by the malware makers. Fortunately, the malware makers have been arrested by the FBI.

However, infected computers are still connected to the rogue DNS networks and will get disconnected from the Internet when the servers go offline. The FBI kept these servers alive since November to give users some time to fix their machines, but they are finally pulling the plug on the coming Monday, July 9th. The number of infected systems has gone from 4 million to just over 500,000, but that's still half a million oblivious users who will suddenly lose their connection on Monday.

If you'd like to check for the DNS changer malware on your machine, click here. Green is good, red is bad. If you get red, here are some tips for resetting your DNS settings. Also, please check your old relatives' computers for this malware. TEK.GADG needs traffic from the seniors.