Oculus Rift comes to KickStarter (Video)

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Oculus Rift has arrived at KickStarter. Oculus Rift is a new head-mounted display that is designed specifically for video games. The Rift boasts a 110 degrees of diagonal and 90 degrees of horizontal field of view, giving users an experience of wearing a large TV in front of their eyes. The developer version on KickStarter has the resolution of 1280 x 800 (about 720p), 640 x 800 per eye, and they say the consumer version will have much more impressive specs.

Each Rift ships with the unit itself, Doom 3 BFG edition, and full access to the SDK, developer center, and samples to get you started. You can pre-order the developer kit for $300 on KickStarter now.

I've been waiting for something like this for so long... Something that can make me feel like I am inside the game. I've had enough of this unfulfilling life. I want to be the game.


Source: Oculus Rift (KickStarter)