Fusion-io accelerates movie-making with ioFX

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At SIGGRAPH 2012, Fusion-io was demoing how the Fusion ioFX could be used to accelerate the entertainment production workflow. Fusion-io has been previously focused on making products for the server market, powering FaceBook, New York Stock Exchange, and many other essential servers with their hyper-speed solid state memory tiers. This year, Fusion-io is bringing their technology over to the entertainment industry.

The ioFX is one of the fastest storage/memory tier that money can buy, and it is specifically designed for maximizing GPU throughput. At 1.4 GB/s read bandwidth, it is faster than any other SSD drive currently on the market. With ioFX, users can work on 2K, 4K, and even 5K content interactively in full resolution. On the exhibition floor at SIGGRAPH, NVIDIA was displaying a 6000 x 4000 video wall powered by a single ioFX card! Many studios have adopted the Fusion-io technology. Rob Legato was using the ioFX to review high-resolution footage on the set of Hugo, and Prime Focus, Pixel Mondo, and many other VFX companies have been using Fusion-io products for years. 

But this technology isn't just limited to big productions. One of the best things about the ioFX is how affordable it is. At $2495 a pop, even small productions can afford a few ioFX cards and start working on their ultra-high resolution and IMAX movies.