Galaxy Note 2 to be unveiled on August 29

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It seems that nowadays there’s always a new superphone around the corner. Samsung spokesman told Reuters that they "plan to release the next Galaxy Note at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin on August 29." The Galaxy Note 2 will be an absolute screamer. It is rumored to come with a 1.6 GHz Quad-core Exynos processor. If you’re wondering, that’s the same chipset that lives inside the much-loved international version of the Galaxy S III, but clocked at a higher speed.

We’re also expecting a 13-megapixel shooter on this beast of a phone. While it won't beat the Nokia 808 Pureview in pixel counts, we have no doubt that the next Galaxy Note will produce stunning photos. We also expect the screen size to get a bump to 5.5 inches, a 0.2 inches increase from the original Galaxy Note. The screen’s resolution will stay at 1280 X 720.

The most important and shrouded piece of information is the battery. A bigger screen and faster processor is definitely going to need a substantially bigger battery. We were pleasantly surprised with the original Note’s battery and we hope Samsung can pull off yet another miracle. You can be sure that the Galaxy Note 2 will have to fight for a place in your pocket as Apple will be releasing the next iPhone soon and Motorola is also expected to announce the Motorola Droid Razr HD.