VOTE!!! for iOS is amazing

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Many people tend to think of video games as mindless and escapist entertainment, but some games actually have some good impact in the world.

VOTE!!! by Epic Games is a game with a positive mission. This game is all about engaging gamers in the political race in order to encourage them to vote in the US presidential election later this year.

Epic Games famously made the Infinity Blade series for iOS, and they certainly didn't stray far from their past work here. You could even say that VOTE!!! is a spiritual successor to the Infinity Blade games with a political twist.

The game mechanics are similar to Infinity Blade. You fight with a microphone (and other unlockable objects) as you would with swords and axes in Infinity Blade. You can buy costumes, items, and different weapons with virtual coins in the game. There are perks you can buy that boost your power for one round, sort of like potions in Infinity Blade.

VOTE!!! is a freemium game. If you don't want to play 500 rounds to unlock certain items - Superman costume, Lightsabre, Uncle Sam Hat, etc - you can optionally buy some virtual coins to purchase them outright.

I really love this game, because it takes elements from pre-existing games and makes them meaningful to the real world. Get this app for free at the iOS App Store now.