Back To School Gadget Guide 2012

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Back to school is a great time to update your gadgets. Whether it's a new laptop or a new smartphone, new gadgets can streamline your school life to help you to succeed!

TEK.GADG and Best Buy have collaborated to bring you our picks for the best Back To School gadgets. Watch the video above or scroll down to get informed.


Samsung Series 9

Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook is a great choice for students. It's super thin and armed with a pure aluminum shell that everyone calls virtually indestructible. With the latest Intel Ivy Bridge chipset and SSD inside, you'll find the Series 9 Ultrabook fast enough for all of your scholastic tasks.


ASUS Transformer Tablet

Are you torn between a laptop and a tablet? No need to stress yourself out before school starts. ASUS Transformer Tablet is an Android tablet with a keyboard dock that transforms it into a laptop. It's the best of both worlds.


Samsung Galaxy S III

We loved the Galaxy S III and so does everyone else. This is the smartphone to buy if you are going back to school. Samsung Galaxy S III will help you to get organized and get connected with your peers.




Lifeproof iPhone Case

If you have a new smartphone, you'll want to protect it with a new case. For the active and adventurous students, Lifeproof iPhone Case is the perfect choice. It's fully compatible with the iPhone 4/4S. It's shockproof, waterproof, and pretty much anything proof!



Monster Diesel Headphones

Monster and Diesel have partnered to create a stylish pair of headphones that don't skimp out on sound quality. Monster is known for their sound, so you know what to expect from these headphones. If you love listening to music while commuting to school, you'll want to pick up one of these.


There you have it, everyone. Remember to stay in school and GADG responsibly.