Dear Acer Iconia Tab A700... [review]

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Dear Acer Iconia Tab,

I know the councilor said we shouldn’t contact each other during our cooling off period, but I just couldn’t help myself. The way you feel in my hands is something I can never forget. I miss those nights in bed watching sweet Netflix movies on your Ultra HD display. Your sweet 10.1 inch screen at 1920x1200 resolution.... its just perfect... those late night Netflix sessions with those sweet stereo speakers. I love rubbing my hands on your beautiful glass surface. Your 11 mm thick frame at 665 grams, I can just pick you up and swipe you all night. 

I fantasize about you every night. I love the way you take my USB OTG. Remember how we used to plug everything into your sweet, sweet port. Keyboards, mice, and even XBOX controllers. I used to wish those nights would never end. Remember when we got really crazy and spent that night with the HDTV and used both your micro HDMI port and your USB OTG. Those were crazy times.

And remember the iPad that I use to see on occasion? You are the only one besides her that has a physical screen rotation lock switch. Every time I used other tablets I kept thinking, “why don’t they have this?” 

Two weeks after you broke up with me, your sister, the Nexus 7, came over to offer a copy of our restraining order. Here she is all young and petite with this amazing body, and all I can think of is how you two share the same DNA. But she has an upgraded Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. As I was sitting next to her, I couldn’t help but put my hands all over her dainty frame and she loved how I ran all those latest 3D games with Unity and Unreal engines. It was so good. She was free and pure of any GUI quirks like your custom Acer Ring UI. 

But every time I brush my fingers across the Nexus 7, I think of you. Its true, Acer Iconia Tab. I miss you so much, but I wish you were more like your sister with Android 4.1 installed.

With Love,