Next generation iPhone will look like this

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Apple is renowned for its secrecy when it comes to upcoming products. This is a very effective marketing trick that keeps everyone excited and wondering, how will Apple surprise me this time? There are hundreds of different renderings of the next-gen iPhone - since all of the different designs are equally possible, we do not know which one will be the real one.

Spigen SGP is a top tier company that manufactures accessories for mobile devices. They’re known for their ultra-premium cases for the iPhone 4/4S. This morning, Spigen updated their website with a very interesting cover: the next generation iPhone! The cover sports a banner saying “We’re ready for the iPhone 5” and has us all drooling at the picture of the next-gen iPhone. You may be wondering how we know this is a trustworthy source?

Firstly, whenever a new phone, device, or GADG is designed, it is sent to all the major accessory manufacturers so that they can get a headstart on designing new cases. It’s near impossible to create a case that fits without actually handling the device. Secondly, Spigen’s reputation is on the line if these renders turn out to be fake, and believe me they have an excellent reputation.

These images are very similar to what we’ve seen of the next-gen iPhone so far. The back sports a two-tone design that is simply stunning. It seems to be metal, perhaps Liquid Metal. This should also reduce fingerprints significantly. The speaker seems to be amped up. It also seems to sport an 18-pin connector port, which is unfortunate for those of you with $300-plus speaker docks. The elongated display fits six rows of icons. Coming from a source as reputable as Spigen, you can bet your money that this is what the new iPhone will look like. What do you think of it?

Check out a slideshow of renders of Spigen after the break.