OptiTrack at SIGGAPH 2012

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Motion capture technology combined with virtual camera systems is one of the most exciting developments in the world of cinema, and OptiTrack is bringing it to the masses. OptiTrack was the first company to release high-quality mocap cameras for under $1000. With OptiTrack Insight Virtual Camera System ($4,999), indie productions can now create their own Avatar

Many films released this year were created using OptiTrack's products. Blockbusters like Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsmen, John Carter, and Underworld: Awakening feature 3D shots that were captured with OptiTrack's mocap cameras.

OptiTrack cameras have applications beyond entertainment. Right by OptiTrack's booth at SIGGRAPH, Oblong Industries was demonstrating their Minority Report-style interface using real-time mocap data from OptiTrack Flex 13 ($999) cameras.

At SIGGRAPH this year, OptiTrack announced the 4.1 megapixel Prime 41 motion capture camera. Prime 41 represents OptiTrack's foray into the high-end motion capture market, delivering unrivalled precision at a low cost. This means small productions can actually afford the technology and big productions can save on expenses.

The Prime 41 has a range of 150', expanding the capture area for more flexibility. It's available now for $4,999 per camera.