New YouTube app for iOS released

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Come iPhone 5 release day, many people will unbox their iPhones and discover that the default YouTube app is gone. A similar thing happened to me when I'd upgraded to iOS 6 beta on my iPhone and, to my horror, found that the native YouTube app had all but vanished. I tried using the web app, but it could not substitute for the direct feedback and responsiveness of a native app.

Lucky for us, Google just released a standalone YouTube app for iOS today. Good timing too, because we are only 25 hours away from the iPhone keynote tomorrow morning. The new YouTube app looks very similar to the Android version of the app, and doesn't feel incomplete as most of Google's iOS releases tend to feel like. Google says the iPad version will be released in the coming months. In the meantime, iPad users will have to just stretch the iPhone version on their big tablets.


YouTube for iOS (App Store)