Samsung Store employees really hate Steve Jobs

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I went into the Samsung Store in Burnaby two days ago. Yes, the one that looks like an Apple Store. It's a pretty nice store, though. There are wooden tables set up with GADG you can touch, and employees are generally very eager to help you.

I noticed that they had a whole section with Galaxy Notes, so I picked one up and started to draw Steve Jobs. Yes, it's a very crudely drawn Jobs, but it's really hard to draw well on the Note unless you are a really good artist.

Just as I'd finished my Jobs caricature, a Samsung employee came up to me and asked in an intimidating tone "Is that who I think it is?"

I timidly answered "Yes."

"I'm going to make it better," he said. Without any hesitation, he proceeded to drawing that red dagger through Steve Jobs' heart. Not smilling. No playfullness there. All I saw was pure hatred in his eyes.

After laughing nervously and snapping a photo of the drawing with my iPhone 4S, I walked out of the store and ran home without looking back. I'm not sure why this retail employee felt so strongly about the Apple vs. Samsung rivalry. In any case, it didn't feel like a safe place to be.