Meanwhile at Foxconn... [Apple]

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While the tech world is bubbling with anticipation over the iPhone 5 announcement, workers at FoxConn are breaking their back in order to meet Apple's demand for iPhone 5 production.

A reporter from the Shanghai Evening post went undercover at a FoxConn factory, and worked there for 10 days making iPhone 5 back plates. Here are some translated quotes:

I stopped to rest at 7AM, but the director shouted at us "You want to rest? You are all here to make money! Get to work." I thought "Why would anyone want to work 2 extra hours just to earn 27 yuan (4 dollars)?"

"There are 12 workers per line, and 4 lines dedicated to making those iPhone 5 back plates. 48 of us made 36,000 back plates in half a day. This is scary." 

This isn't the first time FoxConn was under scrutiny for labour issues. However, the Shanghai Evening Post report is made all the more poignant in contrast to the vacuous excitement in the tech world for Apple's latest announcement.