iPhone 5 Buying Guide (in Canada)

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So you want to buy the iPhone 5, and you are wondering how to get it as soon as possible? You are in luck, because TEK.GADG is giving you all the information you need to get your paws on the new iPhone! The guide starts after the break.


Rogers, Bell, and TELUS are all letting their customers pre-order the iPhone 5. Bell and TELUS both confirmed that their pre-orders starts at 12:00 AM PST Friday. At the time of writing this post, that's about 3 hours away. Sorry for the late notice.

From my experience, I can tell you that pre-ordering early is the most painless way to acquire the iPhone on launch day. Plus, carriers usually send you the UPS tracking number a few days before the estimated delivery date, so you can see all the checkpoints your iPhone hits before it comes to your doorstep! You can pre-order your iPhone 5 at the links below:





You'll be able to get the iPhone 5 at most brick-and-mortar carrier stores on September 21st. But beware, carrier stores tend to stock low volumes on launch day, because Apple likes to hoard these hot products for their own stores so they can make people line up. If you couldn't get on the pre-order train, this is your second best option.


We do not recommend lining up at the Apple Store. Unless you enjoy waiting in line for 12 hours (or more), you should really avoid lining up at the Apple Store. Samsung fanboys may try to convince you that their oversized phones are better than the iPhone. Also, nights and early mornings are getting cold, and we don't want you to catch pneumonia.


This is the last place you'll go to when you really want the iPhone 5 but can't find it anywhere. We don't recommend buying new iPhones from Craigslist either, because you'll have to pay some premium. Why pay more when you can just wait a few days? 


So that's our buying guide. For your convenience, here's a TL;DR version of it: Pre-order it.