HAND Stylus - review

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Ever since the iPad came out, I had been looking for the perfect capacitive stylus to go with it. I've tried everything from cheap plastic styli to weighty aluminum styli, but I never found the right one… until last week when I received the HAND Stylus! Read on to find out why it's the perfect capacitive stylus.


The HAND Stylus gets two of the most important things right: the tip size and the weight. The 4mm tip on the Hand Stylus is the smallest capacitive tip I've used, and it provides the most precise writing/drawing experience. The weight of the HAND Stylus is just right, making the stylus feel like a quality pen or a mechanical pencil.

I also love that the tips are replaceable. Rubber tips on capacitive styli wear out in a few months, and screen detectability goes down with it. With the HAND Stylus, you can buy replacement tips for pretty cheap - $10 for a 6-pack of extra tips - so you don't have to buy a whole new stylus when the tips wear out. 


Steve King announced that he is working on the HAND Stylus 2.0 right now. How can he make the next HAND Stylus better? I would love to see an even smaller tip with pressure sensitivity. While smaller tips may not be technically possible on capacitive screens, pressure sensitivity is possible. There are other styli on the market - namely the PogoConnect - that transfer pressure sensitivity information to the iPad over Bluetooth 4.0, and I'd love to see this feature come to the HAND Stylus 2.0.


Great design, functionality, packaging, and price. What more could you want? The HAND Stylus is the best capacitive stylus on the market right now. Get it now for $30 at www.handstylus.com