iPhone 5 early adopters crying "Scuffgate" over dings and dents

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The much anticipated iPhone 5 is hitting the stores today in North America, but some users are already expressing discontent over how easily the iPhone 5 is gathering dings and dents. Numerous photos of the black iPhone 5 with scratches have surfaced on the web as customers in earlier time zones (Austrailia, Japan, etc) had spent some time with the device.

To a lesser extent, the white iPhone 5 is suffering from Scuffgate as well. Scuffs may not be as noticeable on its silver anodized aluminum parts, but the white iPhone 5 is reportedly prone to collecting dents on the side rims.

Unlike previous iPhones, the iPhone 5 features an anodized aluminum backplate and antenna. From what we're hearing, the anodization on Apple's latest smartphone may be too thin to protect the raw aluminum underneath from showing itself. We're waiting to hear from Apple on this issue.


Photo Credit: elitecol (Macrumors)

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